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Online Recipes are now Available on HelloFresh

HelloFresh is known for its meal kit delivery service, and it becomes more popular during the pandemic. You would not need to think about what to make for three meals a day; instead, HelloFresh prepares and delivers all ingredients, along with easy-to-follow recipes directly to your door. Recently, they launched a new feature by sharing an extensive list of online recipes to the public.

With the new online recipes feature, you can easily discover easy and quick recipe inspiration with just one click. The list is extensive which can satisfy everyone’s cravings. The recipes are categorized by cuisine type, and they also include the estimated preparation time and difficulty. So I decided to recreate Easy Spanish Paella and tried out if the recipe is easy to follow.

Easy Spanish Paella - hellofresh / pigoutyvr
Easy Spanish Paella

What do I Like about the New Feature?

Unlike the meal kit delivery service, this feature is free, which gives new customers an overview of how HelloFresh recipes look like, before purchasing their first box. I also enjoy the flexibility on portion sizes and ingredient choices while getting straightforward instructions on completing the dish. For example, I added shrimps in my paella to give more flavors but didn’t add any green olives.

Just like the recipe cards HelloFresh offers in the meal kits, there is a photo in each step, which makes it easier to understand and follow.

Easy Spanish Paella - hellofresh / pigoutyvr

What can be Improved?

With the recipes available online, it would be great that if we can convert grams to cups. It would be easier for families that do not have a scale.

When I was making the paella, I wasn’t clear if the rice has to be cooked first before adding into the pan. Since the rice wasn’t cooked, it took longer than 10-12 minutes, as instructed on the recipe. It would be nice to add a little more details in the instruction, which will then significantly minimize failures.

Overall Impression

I overall enjoyed my experience cooking with HelloFresh’s online recipes. I can easily filter the recipes by cuisine types, and it becomes more flexible on what I want to add or substitute in the recipes. The portion sizes can also be adjusted accordingly. As these recipes are obtained from their previous meal kits, new customers can browse and get an overview of what to expect before ordering the meal kits. Though I think there are a few things that can be improved on, given the fact that it is a new feature, I am impressed. More importantly, the paella was a success.

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